Device detection and intelligence

DeviceAtlas is the world’s leading device detection solution providing data on all mobile and connected devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, OTT and wearable devices. You can use DeviceAtlas to analyse web and app traffic, redirect or adapt content for mobile audiences, or to target specific mobile devices.

Mobile Operators can get detailed device data indexed by TAC to power marketing campaigns, infrastructure decisions and rich device analytics and reporting.

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Real-time device intelligence to power:


Traffic Redirection

Direct visitors to the right experience according to their device capabilities.


Content Adaptation

Adapt content on the fly to optimize the user experience.



Target content to ensure user engagement on the receiving device.



Device Analytics

Deep device intelligence to power in-depth analytics. 


APIs for Every Environment

DeviceAtlas supports all major environments with well-documented APIs including PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, .NET and C++. Easy to use, with lots of sample code, you can get up and running quickly. Also available in module form for Apache, IIS, NGINX and Varnish making your entire stack device aware. Node.js API now available.

DeviceAtlas Enterprise

Enterprise offers a locally deployed solution with the expertise, performance and security that business critical applications demand. Data is multi-sourced from industry-leading partners to assure highly accurate device detection.

  • Locally installed to your environment, with no third-party dependencies
  • Extremely fast APIs for all environments
  • High performance, small server footprint

DeviceAtlas Cloud

Get the best mobile device detection in the cloud. We can help you bring device awareness to your applications in minutes.

  • On-demand device detection
  • Fast inplementation
  • Based on dotMobi’s award-winning technologies

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